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Personal Injury FAQs

Each personal injury case is as individual as the person who deserves compensation. I am Middlesex and New Brunswick attorney Mark-Anthony Bailey of The Bailey Firm. Here are answers to common questions about personal injury topics.

Do I Need To Decide About Hiring An Attorney Right Now?

When it comes to the law, time is not unlimited. New Jersey court rules impose deadlines that impact a variety of issues, including the availability of certain defenses and the filing of certain motions and other procedural papers.

It is best to take early action to protect your rights and build the strongest case possible. If an attorney offers a free initial consultation, use that meeting to evaluate the attorney’s ability to protect your rights.

What Should I Bring To My Free Consultation?

  • Personal identification
  • Documentation about the injury, including reports and statements
  • Medical information regarding diagnoses and treatments, including medications
  • Contact information for doctors and witnesses

Do I Need To Bring Any Money To The First Consultation?

No, but you should understand that early in the timeline, a personal injury attorney must complete a written retainer agreement that includes the cost of the representation. Most retainer agreements require at least a partial payment of the fee before the attorney signs it.

At your free initial consultation, ask the attorney what the general terms of his or her fees are. You can also ask what the range of fees might be if the matter were to either plea or go to trial.

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