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I am attorney Mark A. Bailey, and for more than 15 years I have assisted clients in Newark, New Brunswick and across New Jersey with a wide variety of criminal and civil rights issues. Whether we’re going to trial or negotiating a settlement or plea, I always fight, relentlessly to place my clients in the best possible position to succeed or go on with their lives.

Over the last decade, I have developed a reputation as a tough, knowledgeable trial lawyer. I believe in approaching your legal situation strategically so we end up with an advantage at trial or during plea negotiations. No matter your situation or circumstances, I am relentless in my approach to your case while also sensitive to your psychological state of mind. I know that some clients have little or no experience with the judicial system and therefore needs me to be extra sensitive to their needs. My firm is your family and I take great pride in earning the title of your family attorney.

There is no case too small or too big. Members of my firm are available 24/7 to answer questions and guide you through your ordeal. My goal is to earn your confidence. My experience is vast. Please feel free to google my name, Mark Anthony Bailey. You will find that I have won some to the most impossible cases in some of the most conservative counties.

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“When every other lawyer told me to take a deal, he was the only one to tell me we have a fighting chance. He gave me … HOPE…. Mark does not make deals, he wins cases, he is a fighter.” – Jose Robles


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I have tried over 20 homicide cases to completion, most resulting in acquittals. There is no case too small or too big. I have represented the economically disadvantaged as well as the very privileged in our society. I can help protect your rights, and I will fight for the best results possible. Don’t leave your case to chance. Hire a fighter to work on your case.

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Black Lives Matter

Civil rights in our time have been tested and continue to test the strength of the Constitution and the character of our civil servants. As a lawyer, I’m in a position to help people whose rights have been violated. I will fight to uphold your freedoms and liberties.

Seeking The Best Compensation For Your Personal Injury Case

I strive to provide personalized solutions to clients’ problems, responding to each situation
in a measured and thoughtful way so that my clients are in the best place to receive a
favorable outcome. I carry this approach over to my work on personal injury cases.

I represent and negotiate a variety of personal injury cases such as:

Car and motorcycle accidents

Pedestrian accidents involving vehicles

Bicycle accidents

Truck accidents

Premises liability

Premises liability

Pedestrian accidents involving vehicles

Slip and falls

Bicycle accidents

Construction site incidents

Construction site incidents

Truck accidents