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A conviction in juvenile or adult court can impact your child’s future for decades to come. Juvenile crime charges need aggressive advocacy because there is so much at stake. Educational opportunities and credit acquisition often depend on having a clean background check.

I am Mark-Anthony Bailey, a juvenile defense attorney practicing in Middlesex, New Brunswick and surrounding areas. I know that lawyers defending juveniles need to pursue diversion programs to protect their clients’ interests aggressively. This can keep juveniles charged with offenses out of juvenile detention and put them into alternatives that will reform their outlook and behavior.

Alternatives To Juvenile Court

In some instances, your child’s case may be heard in a less formal venue than juvenile court. The options, due to a New Jersey juvenile waiver law, are dismissal of charges, intake service conferences and juvenile conference committees. These diversion options primarily aim to rehabilitate the child and provide a penalty that does not include incarceration in a juvenile detention facility.

Alternative sentencing requirements can include:

  • Community service
  • Counseling, including drug and alcohol treatment
  • Restitution
  • Driver’s license suspension

Older Minors And Adult Court

Juveniles 15 and older can have their cases transferred to adult court by the prosecution. It is critical that proactive defense is in place to block that move. I will fight prosecutors’ attempts to transfer your child’s case to adult court.

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