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A skilled attorney can make the difference between failure and success in legal matters from criminal issues to personal injury cases. I am attorney Mark-Anthony Bailey, and at The Bailey Firm, my focus throughout my career is to assist my clients with legal hurdles they encounter such as:

As a Middlesex resident, I am familiar with the community as well as the court system. I founded The Bailey Firm with a single goal in mind: to help the residents of Middlesex, New Brunswick and Greater New Jersey with their legal needs. Since 2003, I have stayed true to that goal, providing aggressive representation on a variety of cases, from simple and complex criminal defense matters to personal injuries.

I always focus on providing personal attention to my clients, keeping them informed and successfully defending many clients facing serious, life-altering criminal charges. Because of this, I have a reputation for being a tough, zealous trial lawyer. For more details on my career, please click the link below:

Strategic, Purposeful, Aggressive

I am a litigator with a purposeful approach. As a seasoned lawyer, I am flexible in developing legal strategies, strategically using an extremely aggressive approach when it is warranted. I am eager to prove my clients’ innocence in court, no matter the complexity of the criminal case. I carry this aggressive approach to personal injury cases as well. I work with clients suffering a variety of injuries caused by everything from motor vehicle accidents to slip-and-falls.

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In any legal or personal injury matter, the longer you take to contact a lawyer, the more time your legal opposition has to get a head start, while you are losing valuable preparation time for your case. Give The Bailey Firm a call today at 973-854-9478 or use my online contact form to schedule a free consultation about your legal situation.