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Strong DUI Defense

In New Jersey, the penalties for drunk driving are severe. You may face fines, license suspension and jail time. Also, you may see a steep increase in your insurance premiums, as well as motor vehicle surcharges and the need to install an ignition interlock device in your car. For repeat offenders, these penalties are even more severe.

An experienced attorney can help you reduce or even dismiss your DUI charges in some cases. I am DUI/DWI lawyer Mark-Anthony Bailey, and at The Bailey Firm, I provide aggressive traffic violation defense to clients across Middlesex, New Brunswick and surrounding areas.

Putting My Knowledge Of DUI Law On Your Side

Because I have significant experience as a trial lawyer, I know which legal strategies have the potential for the most favorable outcome in your case. For over a decade, I have helped both first-time and repeat offenders, including commercial drivers and underage drivers, with comprehensive DUI/DWI legal representation.

I know that police officers must follow rigid guidelines on how to take information and execute a DUI stop, and I know how to attack any missteps by officers. From conducting comprehensive investigations into whether field sobriety tests were performed correctly to handling matters for out-of-state drivers, it is my responsibility to provide full, knowledgeable DUI support.

Put Yourself In The Best Situation Possible

I always look to put my clients in favorable legal situations. I do this by leveraging my experience and skill to give you a fighting chance against your charges. To schedule a free consultation with me, call The Bailey Firm at 973-854-9478 or use my online contact form.