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Traffic Violations And The Point System

All moving violations in New Jersey are assigned points that can accumulate over time until your license is suspended. Accumulation of points from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission can happen gradually, but more than six points in three years can negatively affect your transportation options and land you in trouble financially.

As an attorney experienced in trial litigation, I, Mark-Anthony Bailey, recognize the need to seek out the best defense against traffic tickets so that they do not add up to a more significant issue down the road. I fight to uphold clients’ freedoms and pursue the utmost in legal advocacy.

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When Points Add Up

If you get six or more traffic violation points in three years, you will have to pay a surcharge to keep your driving privileges. While failing to stop at a traffic light is penalized with two points, tailgating or driving 30 mph or more above the speed limit nets five points.

Multistate Difficulties

Due to agreements with other states, moving traffic violations outside New Jersey can also add to your points. That means it is essential to take every moving violation seriously and fight for it to be reduced or eliminated.

Extra Fines

In addition to an initial surcharge, annual surcharges get assessed for specific violations such as:

This type of surcharge lasts for three years and can cost as much as $10,000. Also, offenses such as DWIs can carry prison terms, community service requirements, license suspension and Intoxicated Driver Resource Center requirements.

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