The Bailey Firm
Testimonials And Results

Testimonials And Results

“Mark-Anthony Bailey, is an exceptional attorney, I have found him to be aggressive, dedicated and focus to bringing justice in the courtroom. I am glad I retained him as my attorney.” — Bill Mathers, Middlesex, New Jersey

“Mark-Anthony Bailey is the real deal.” — Cyndi Shell, client

“Mark made me feel comfortable. I was terrified at first. After my free consultation, he assured me that everything was going to be okay. Sure enough everything ended okay just like he said. Mark-Anthony Bailey was my life saver.” –John Jacobs, client

“I refer all my friends to Mark with confidence.” —Kyle Williams, client

My name is Yah-Cor Napper, you may google me and see for yourself the seriousness of my case. Mr.Mark Bailey is what I call a BULL DOG, or a SHARK in the court room. God has blessed Mr.Bailey to be GREAT at what he does, he’s always ready for work so he never has to get ready and as a client I appreciate that the most. With my life on the line I feel comfortable and confident working with Mr.Bailey I highly recommend anyone looking for an attorney who has the ability to change the circumstances in your case Mr.Bailey is the lawyer you need if you want good results then you want Mr.Bailey.Bailey is committed to his clients and fights hard for them.Great lawyerA man of his word. He got me best possible outcome. If needed, I would definitely hire him again. Thanx Mr. Bailey.We couldn’t have been more pleased with the opportunity to work with Mr. Bailey during one of the most sensitive times of our life. He gives you confidence every time you walk in the court room because he is not only knowledgeable and professional but you know he is fighting for your loved one just as much as you would. Fantastic attorney, a great communicator, & overall a genuine human being.Great guy & excellent lawyer, he was very patient with me & got my case dismissed & expunged. I highly recommend him. He saved jail time & financial pain, very reasonable prices.Good communication, very pleased! Will use again if needed.I’ll definitely approve that this man handle his business gets the job done saved me a lot of money and was a great guy all around help me not worry about my situationMark is professional. He spoke eloquently when addressing the issues at hand. I sincerely appreciate Mark’s guidance in the situation. I am appreciative of the dedicated time that was given. I value the insight that Mark provided and the information/advice he shared.We have the same last name, but aren't related; though at times I wondered because attorney Mark Bailey was very personable, compassionate, and patient when dealing with me regarding my divorce. He was more than fair in his pricing and his upfront approach, knowledge of the law, and confidence in his ability was all very comforting during a very stressful time. I highly recommend him for any legal needs and he will definitely be my first point of contact should any legal issues arise in the future.Mr. Bailey is a great attorney his representation made it so that my case was dismissed in its entirety. I thought that was impossible, but he made me a believer... Thank you Mr. Bailey... You are your brothers keeper...I’m very grateful for getting me to stay with my family in this great and generous country...thanks God and Mark A.BaileyExcellent defense attorneyMr. Bailey was there for me at the lowest point in my life. When every other lawyer told me to take a deal, he was the only one to tell me we have a fighting chance. He gave me something no lawyer could & that was HOPE He knows the intricacy and psychology of our court system. Mark does not make deals, he wins cases, he is a fighter. For the best representaion CALL MARK !!!!Great lower helped me om my CDS CASE case was drop thank you Mark A BaileyMark Bailey is competent with an unending desire to bring about an outcome that best suit his client. Fair and willing to work with his clients he treats a $25k case the same as he does a $5k. Mr. Bailey is straight forward and will give you all the possible options; wholeheartedly fighting for the one of your choice.A very passionate and skilled attorney, highly recommended.Even lawyers need representation at times. When I needed representation for a personal matter; I picked up the phone to call Mark. This means a lot because lawyers are each other’s worst critics. However, I knew his reputation and his work and did not regret my decision to hire him as my advocate.Mark is a great lawyer. My son recently got into trouble and he was able to get all the charges dismissed except one. Thank you Mark for helping us.When he says he will take care of you and not to worry, he is telling the truth! He got me out of a jam while also educating and mentoring me at the same time. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!Best lawyer ever and I couldn’t ask for someone better. Very professional. I would recommend him to anyone ..Mr. Bailey is an Amazing Attorney! He is dedicated to his profession and the best interests of his clients. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of legal representation. He is knowledgeable, professional , personable & has an Outstanding Work Ethic. Mr. Bailey's unwavering dedication to providing a diligent criminal defense to ensure the rights of his clients are protected is refreshing. He is fearless with his presentation, has extensive knowledge of the law, and will go the extra mile to secure the best defense. Watching Mr. Bailey in Superior Court defend clients with vigor was inspirational and comforting during a very stressful time. Mr. Bailey’s defense strategy will not disappoint and leave you amazed at the final outcome of the case. A testament to his passion for the law and successful tract record. Forever grateful!Had a cop pull me over for 2 traffic violations. Was supposed to receive 6 points, but he reduced it to 0 and only paid $87 for the ticket. Highly recommend this lawyer! | *UPDATE - 03/30/2018* | Helped me out again with another violation. Again, no point violation that would’ve been 4. Highly recommend this lawyer if he can help you out with a second moving violation in a row!Mark is A great lawyer. I had several appearances my case went on and he was there. He wasn’t concerned with money like other lawyers. just resolving my situations-which he did. He was genuinely concerned about me. The results were great! I just want to thank Mr. Bailey for a job well done.I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and received 2 tickets. We called several lawyers, but Mr. Bailey answered us promptly. The next day, we were able to meet with him and discuss it. He explained the process and answered our legal questions, putting our minds at ease. Very professional and would highly recommendAttorney Bailey is confident and super knowledgeable which added calm to an awful situation that needed to be completely resolved. Everything was rectified discreetly, quickly and successfully!.Mr.Bailey is a very hard working man , he consistently stays on top of the case to make sure its the best outcome for the defendant. He believes in his skills and knowledge of the law which makes him confident that he will get the job done . He also will keep it realistic with his clients he won't promise anything he can't keep and that lets me know it's not about the money he genuinely wants to save his clients . I will recommend him to anybody that's has moderate to severe cases , and trust the process.The Bailey firm is by far the best repensentation that i have ever had.The guidance and fairness as far as pricing and communication was definitley key in winning my case ,and i would definitley refer all my family and friends for any legal needs.Thank you. Sincerely, Wilafalam A.Price