Why DUI charges for commercial drivers can be especially harmful

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Driving under the influence is a serious offense in any context. However, for commercial drivers in New Jersey, the consequences can be particularly severe.

A DUI charge can have an especially lasting impact on a commercial driver’s life and livelihood.

Stricter regulations for commercial drivers

Commercial drivers are under higher standards when it comes to alcohol consumption and driving, even when they are off duty. In New Jersey, the legal blood alcohol concentration limit for commercial drivers is lower than for noncommercial drivers, set at 0.04%. This means even a small amount of alcohol can result in a DUI charge for commercial drivers, compared with the 0.08% limit for noncommercial drivers.

Immediate license suspension

With a DUI charge, commercial drivers face the immediate suspension of their commercial driver’s license. This suspension can severely impact their ability to work and earn a living, as CDL holders rely on their license for employment.

Long-term career implications

A DUI charge can tarnish a commercial driver’s record, making it challenging to find employment in the future. Many companies have strict policies against hiring individuals with DUI convictions, fearing increased insurance costs and potential liability issues. Consequently, a DUI charge can derail a commercial driver’s career prospects and earning potential.

Financial burden

A DUI charge can result in increased insurance premiums for commercial drivers. These financial burdens can add up quickly.

Potential criminal record

A DUI charge can result in a criminal record. This can impact housing, employment and even educational opportunities, further complicating a commercial driver’s life.

Given the potential repercussions, it is important for commercial drivers to understand the severity of DUI charges. This lets them better navigate the process of handling these charges.


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