Half of all fatal crashes involve driving under the influence

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Alcohol use and driving under the influence create a dangerous mix that significantly contributes to fatal crashes on the nation’s roads. These behaviors not only jeopardize the lives of those who engage in them but also pose a serious threat to other road users.

Understanding the underlying factors and consequences of alcohol-related accidents helps raise awareness and promote responsible choices.

Impaired judgment and reaction time

Alcohol impairs an individual’s judgment and reaction time. When someone consumes alcohol and then decides to drive, his or her capacity to make sound decisions and respond to changing traffic conditions diminishes. Impaired drivers are also more likely to engage in risky behaviors, such as speeding and disregarding traffic signals. This can elevate the risk of accidents.

Decreased coordination and control

Alcohol adversely affects an individual’s motor skills and coordination. Drivers under the influence may find it challenging to maintain proper control of their vehicles, leading to swerving, veering or drifting across lanes. This diminished control can result in collisions with other vehicles or objects on the road.

Reduced focus and attention

Alcohol further inhibits a person’s ability to maintain focus and attention while driving. Intoxicated drivers may lose concentration, increasing the likelihood of failing to notice crucial road signs, pedestrians or other vehicles.

Elevated risk of fatal crashes

According to Forbes, driver intoxication contributes to 51% of all fatal car wrecks in the United States. These accidents inflict devastation not only on the lives of the victims but also on the families of those responsible for driving under the influence.

Recognizing the devastating consequences of impaired driving and understanding the legal repercussions of doing so helps encourage individuals to make responsible choices about alcohol and driving.


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