Improving your life with an ignition interlock device

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Losing your driving privileges because of a DUI can completely alter your life. The uncertainty of knowing when you will get your license back may create stress and frustration.

While you may not see an ignition interlock device as a positive thing, having one could mean you can keep your driver’s license. Seeing the value of this technology might help you see how having one can improve your life.

Staying accountable

Setting goals is one thing. Having someone or something to hold you accountable for enforcing your goals can provide critical support for your success. An ignition interlock device can hold you accountable. Before your vehicle starts, you first need to breathe into the device. It will register a reading of your BAC. If the results meet the parameters for adequate sobriety, your vehicle will start. If your BAC exceeds the maximum allowed amount, your vehicle will remain off.

Once installed, you need to comply with the terms of use for the device. Tampering with it, trying to remove it yourself or opting to use someone else’s vehicle that does not have a device could all jeopardize your privilege to have one. So long as you follow the rules, you have the opportunity to develop healthier, more responsible driving habits.

Preventing re-offense

A subsequent DUI could result in serious consequences including jail time. Additionally, if you end up injuring or killing another person because of your decision to drive under the influence, you will have to live with the guilt of that choice for the rest of your life. According to the Official Site of the State of New Jersey, evidence shows that people who use an ignition interlock device are at a substantially lower risk of reoffending.

An ignition interlock device is an opportunity for you to maintain your freedom and independence. It is a chance for you to improve. It is a resource to allow you to rebuild your life and prevent one mistake from defining your future.


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