A car crash, an injured victim and the need for compensation

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Insurance matters take center state following a vehicle crash and financial compensation is especially important to an injured victim.

An insurance company has rules to follow in reviewing the claim an injured victim submits, which is why accompanying documentation is essential.

About vehicle crash injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released 2020 traffic crash data, which shows that there were 38,824 fatalities nationwide that year, an increase of 21% over the fatalities in 2019. The NHTSA also estimates that about 2.9 million people suffer injuries in vehicle accidents every year. All drivers must use reasonable care while behind the wheel. Negligence can include speeding, ignoring traffic signs or driving while intoxicated. Distracted driving is often the cause of a rear-end collision and a victim can suffer serious and long-lasting injuries.

Evidence and documentation

An advocate working on behalf of an injured victim will launch a thorough investigation that will include evidence left behind at the crash site, police reports, testimonies of witnesses and medical reports. The importance of the latter cannot be overstated since the doctor who sees the injured victim will write a report that explains the diagnosis and treatment and ties the injury directly to the vehicle accident.

Insurance company compensation

An insurance company uses standard criteria when evaluating the claim of someone injured in a vehicle crash. For example, the insurer will want to know how soon the victim sought medical assistance following the accident. Protecting its bottom line is the primary interest of an insurer. Therefore, the documentation the injured victim provides adds considerable weight with regard to determining the settlement. An advocate will negotiate maximum compensation for the victim’s current and future medical expenses, lost wages and more.


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