How to prevent accidents on New Jersey’s most dangerous roads

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The number of fatal crashes in New Jersey is increasing. According to the state police, there have been 346 fatal crashes in New Jersey so far this year, 9% more than in 2020. As car accidents are common, drivers must take precautions and be particularly careful when they drive on the state’s most dangerous roads.

High-risk roads in New Jersey

Car accidents can happen anywhere, but they can be more common on roads with higher speed limits, such as highways and interstates. Most of the fatalities in New Jersey happened on different highways and interstates, especially in Camden, Essex and Atlantic. However, accidents also occurred in other parts of New Jersey. The highways and interstates that have had more than two fatal accidents in 2021 are:

  • State Highway 45 (Gloucester county)
  • Interstate 295 (Salem county)
  • State Highway 55 (Cumberland county)
  • Interstate 676 (Camden county)
  • State Highway 130 (Burlington county)
  • State Highway 444 (Ocean county)
  • State Highway 9 (Monmouth county)
  • State Highway 95 (Mercer county)
  • Interstate 80 (Warren county)
  • State Highway 1 and 82 (Union county)

The road with the most fatal accidents in 2021 has been the State Highway 45, in which four people have died so far.

Highway and interstate safety

Interstates and highways can be dangerous. However, you can prevent accidents if you know about the riskiest behaviors while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends that drivers avoid the following when they hit the road:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Using a cellphone
  • Eating
  • Driving beyond the speed limit
  • Driving at the speed limit but too fast when the road is under repair or during bad weather
  • Driving while drowsy

Additionally, drivers and passengers must always wear their seatbelts, even while driving on regular roads.

In the event of an accident

Unfortunately, you can get into an accident even while obeying traffic laws.  You can control what you do, but another driver may hit you if they do something negligent. In that case, you would have the right to file a legal claim against them to recover damages. You should never pay for injuries that are not your fault, much less if you drive responsibly.


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