Proving car crash injuries when you have preexisting conditions

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Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries. Many people have chronic or preexisting conditions, and it may be tricky to link these injuries directly to the accident.

However, it is possible to connect new injuries or aggravation of existing conditions to a car crash.

Documenting the accident and injuries

The first step is thorough documentation of the accident and injuries. Report the accident to the police and seek immediate medical attention. A detailed medical examination right after the accident can help identify any new injuries or aggravation of preexisting conditions. Medical records should clearly note the condition of the individual before and after the accident.

Medical history and treatment

Giving a comprehensive medical history to health care providers is necessary. This includes all preexisting conditions and treatments a person received prior to the accident. This way, doctors can differentiate between old and new injuries. They can also document how the accident worsened preexisting or chronic conditions. Regular follow-up appointments are important to monitor the progression of injuries and to update medical records accordingly.

Expert medical opinions

Specialists can provide detailed assessments of how the accident affected an individual’s health. They can compare medical records from before and after the accident to highlight any changes. These experts can also testify to the connection between the car accident and the exacerbation of preexisting conditions.

Consistent treatment and documentation

Consistency in treatment and documentation is important. Individuals should follow all recommended medical treatments and therapies. This aids in recovery and provides continuous medical records that trace the impact of the accident on preexisting conditions. Any gaps in treatment or inconsistencies in medical records can weaken the link between the accident and the injuries.

Personal records and evidence

Keeping personal records of the accident and its aftermath is also important. This includes photographs of injuries, notes on pain levels and any activities that have become difficult or impossible due to the injuries. These personal records, combined with medical documentation, can provide a comprehensive view of how the accident affected the individual’s health.

By carefully recording the impact of the accident, individuals can establish a clear connection between the crash and their injuries. This process helps recognize and address the full extent of injuries.


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