What are the penalties for DUI in New Jersey?

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Driving under the influence (DUI) is a very serious crime with very serious consequences. People convicted of DUI can face license suspension, jail time, and fines, all of which will affect numerous areas of life.

Because DUI penalties are often severe, it is important for you to understand what you are up against. The following are a few possible penalties that can accompany DUI convictions in New Jersey.

First offense

For a first DUI offense, those convicted can face a jail term of up to 30 days. Fines for first offenses range from $250 to $400, and the person’s auto insurance premiums will increase by $1,000 a year for a period of three years. First offenses also require installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle.

Second offense

When it comes to fines for second offenses, expect to pay between $500 and $1,000. Jail terms can last up to 90 days, but you must serve at least 48 consecutive hours after a second offense. The license suspension period will last from one to two years, while ignition interlock devices must remain on the vehicle for two to four years after the license suspension period.

Third offense

Jail terms for third offenses involve a 180-day sentence or a mandatory stay in an inpatient drug treatment facility. In this case, the court can reduce the jail term for each day spent in drug treatment, up to 90 days. Fines will equal $1,000, while license suspension periods last eight years.

Keep in mind that the circumstances of the DUI can impact the penalties you receive. For example, a person with a BAC over 0.10% will receive stiffer penalties for a first offense than a person with a BAC between 0.08% and 0.10%.


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