What are the lasting impacts of a DUI?

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A DUI charge is scary enough, and the idea of a conviction is enough to spook most people. However, many also focus on the short-term impacts only, such as time in jail or fines.

The long-term impacts can actually have an even bigger and more direct potential to change a person’s life, though.

Trouble with housing

BACtrack takes a look at the lasting impacts of a DUI. First, it can impact where a person can find housing.

It is illegal to discriminate against a person applying for housing based on their criminal record alone. However, if the landlord has limited units available, they can sort their applicants based on preference for who gets the slots. More often than not, they will not choose someone with a criminal record over someone without one, no matter what the crime in question looks like.

Career roadblocks

It can also get in the way of a person’s career, too. First, many career fields will not hire a person with a DUI on record for safety reasons, and this is not illegal discrimination. Such fields include government positions, jobs that work with children including teaching positions, and jobs that require a commercial driver’s license. It can also include jobs that involve the operation of heavy machinery.

Many people find daily activities stifled as well, especially if they have a driver’s license suspension or revocation. Even little things like going to the grocery store may become more of a problem.

This is why it is important to treat DUI charges seriously from the start.


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