Going over examples of drug paraphernalia in New Jersey

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Drug charges could lead to serious consequences that disrupt many aspects of your life. In fact, even seemingly minor charges, such as possessing drug paraphernalia, could negatively impact your finances, reputation, job and future.

It is critical to understand which objects and materials constitute unlawful drug paraphernalia in New Jersey.

Paraphernalia includes items used to grow or test drugs

According to the New Jersey Legislature, various types of equipment and objects can lead to drug paraphernalia charges. For example, possessing containers used to store or hide illegal drugs, scales used to measure unlawful substances, dilutants and testing equipment to determine the strength of controlled substances could lead to charges.

In addition, drug paraphernalia includes kits used to plant, grow and harvest unlawful substances.

Paraphernalia used to consume illegal drugs

Drug paraphernalia also includes items that one uses to consume unlawful drugs. For example, possessing pipes, water pipes, carburetion devices, roach clips, cocaine spoons or bongs could lead to drug paraphernalia charges. Sometimes, people face these charges even though they did not recognize that a certain object counts as illegal drug paraphernalia. In other instances, charges could result from paraphernalia planted or left behind in one’s vehicle by another party.

Courts look at a number of factors when deciding if a particular object constitutes drug paraphernalia, such as its proximity to illegal drugs, residue and other evidence. If you currently face allegations related to possessing drug paraphernalia, you need to identify the best course of action in order to safeguard your future and secure the best outcome in court.


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