Participation in the New Jersey recovery court program

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When struggling with drug use, people sometimes have run-ins with law enforcement that result in them facing criminal charges. For example, they may get charged with possession, theft or other such offenses. A conviction of even misdemeanor charges may mean facing penalties and, often, lasting effects.

As an alternative to the traditional penalties for drug-related convictions, some seek entry into the state’s recovery court program to overcome their drug dependence and start fresh.


According to the New Jersey Courts, in gaining admittance to the state’s recovery court program, people agree to participate in the related activities and hearings. For instance, this includes going to evaluations and assessments, appearing before the court and submitting to random drug testing.


Recovery court participants must comply with the program rules and requirements. To this end, they must generally abstain from the use of alcohol or drugs, adhere to the conditions of their probation and cooperate with program staff and treatment providers. They must remain in compliance with the program requirements until they receive a successful discharge from all phases.


Those who progress through the program phases will eventually complete the recovery court. According to the New Jersey Office of the Public Defender, successful graduation from the program may grant eligibility for a complete criminal record expungement. Starting out after recovery court with a clean slate improves the opportunities for success for many.

After an arrest for drug-related charges or offenses due to drug use, people may consider their options such as working with legal defense to pursue entrance into the recovery court program.


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