What are the restrictions for legal marijuana use?

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Even though voters in New Jersey decided to make marijuana legal for recreational use, it does not mean there are limitless rights. As with any type of substance, such as cigarettes and alcohol, the government still puts restrictions on the use of marijuana.

The state website explains that recreational use is legal within certain boundaries.

Age limit

You must be 21 years old or older to use cannabis for recreational purposes within the state. This age limit also applies to buying and possessing the drug.


You may only buy the substance from designated dispensaries that have licenses with the state. If you buy it from someone off the street, that is breaking the law. In addition, you can only have up to one ounce of dried product, five grams of a concentrate or 1000mg of an edible product. Possession of more than the limits is illegal and subjects you to criminal charges. You also should be aware of the products that the state allows, which include resins, vape juices, tinctures, lozenges, chews and topicals. Be aware that edibles, such as food products, are not legal and not sold at approved locations.

Lastly, when buying, be aware the state puts an additional tax on all products. You will pay the standard 6.625% sales tax and then an extra fee of up to 1%.


You can only use your marijuana products in a private location. You cannot use it in public or when behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The restrictions mirror those for alcohol in many ways. Just because the substance is legal does not erase the limitations put on buying, using and possessing the product.


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