How can a DUI impact your schooling?

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Getting a DUI on record can potentially impact just about every aspect of a person’s life. In particular, students going to or already attending college should keep a close eye on their records.

One single DUI is all it takes for a person’s future in college to potentially end up turned upside down. But how?

Expulsion and financial repercussions

The College Investor discusses the impact a DUI can have on your future. First, note that it is not typical for colleges to outright expel a person over a DUI charge. This often happens in the event that someone else gets hurt, or if the DUI driver does extensive property damage. A school will then expel a student to create distance.

But even if a student does not get expelled, they will almost certainly face problems. Most likely, the college will retract any financial support they once offered. This includes scholarships, gifts, prizes and other forms of financial aid.

Schools may also choose to disallow a person from using on-campus housing. This strips them of the discount of such a housing situation, which can contribute to an even bigger financial barrier.

Diminished career options

Of course, career options may also diminish, too. People with DUIs on record cannot apply to certain jobs, such as those that involve interacting with children or government positions. This can preemptively close a surprising number of avenues to students before they even get started on their careers.

Because of this, it is important for people facing DUI charges to act quickly. Otherwise, it could make a big impact on all aspects of their future.


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