Can DUI convictions impact college students?

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Getting a DUI conviction can potentially cause big problems no matter whether or not the person involved has a prior history or not.

This is especially true for college students, who may face more detriments due to a DUI than they expect.

Hurdles to job paths

The College Investor looks into the specific impacts of DUI convictions on college students. First, it is important to note that a DUI conviction can entirely alter someone’s career path of choice. This is because many industries do not accept applications from individuals with a DUI on record. This includes government positions and most jobs that work with children, such as daycare personnel or teachers.

Even getting into a college can pose a problem, as many will view the criminal history of applicants and may keep it in mind when considering whether or not to accept a new student. The more competitive the school and the lower the acceptance rate, the more likely it is that a DUI will impact one’s chance of getting in.

Financial consequences and expulsion

But even already holding acceptance does not prevent a person from dealing with potential consequences. First, there is the possibility – though slim – that a college may decide to expel a person for their DUI conviction. Generally, they will only do so if the DUI crime in question also involved notable damage to property or the injury or death of another person, especially another student.

Even if that does not happen, they will likely pull all financial support. This can include awards, gifts, scholarships and more. They will also likely bar a student from using on-campus housing, forcing them to pay for off-campus housing. Together, this might price a student out of attendance anyway.


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