How drug court works in Essex County

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When authorities in New Jersey charge you with a drug offense, you may face serious penalties, should that charge wind up leading to a conviction. However, if you and the details of your drug offense meet certain eligibility requirements, you may be able to reduce the damage a drug conviction causes you by enrolling in an Essex County Drug Court.

Per the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, you may be a candidate for drug court in Essex County if the drug charge you are dealing with is not a violent one and a screening determines that you are drug-dependent.

How drug court works

Drug court essentially forces you to take accountability for your actions, but it does so in a manner that gives you a chance to overcome your dependency. During your time in drug court, you must undergo treatment and counseling to make yourself less likely to re-offend. You should also plan on making regular appearances before judges, probation officers or both, as these professionals track your recovery along the way.

How drug court benefits you

Successfully completing drug court typically leads to a more favorable outcome for your drug case. It may also help you develop the tools and skills you need to refrain from using your drug or drugs of choice in the future, which in turn may make you less likely to reenter New Jersey’s criminal justice system.

If you are facing a drug charge in Essex County and are fearful about the consequences you may face, consider finding out whether you might be eligible for drug court.


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