How should you navigate your drug charge during an interview?

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Job applicants with felony drug charges may not know how to navigate their job searches. Getting an interview is one thing, but succeeding during that interview presents a different hurdle.

Denver Public Library gives tips on responding to drug charges during interviews. The right words and perspectives may help parties advance their careers despite their criminal records.

Make it brief

When asked about a felony drug charge, it makes sense to keep answers brief and only share necessary information. Parties may think they help themselves and their employment chances by adding personal details, but doing so could backfire.

Focus on the positive

While a drug charge may become a source of embarrassment, it may also offer a unique growth opportunity. Rather than focusing on the negative during an interview, applicants may want to concentrate on what they learned from the charge. For instance, a person may learn about personal responsibility, gain social skills and learn about self-improvement while navigating the criminal justice system.

Show responsibility

Despite the reason for a felony drug charge, job candidates could improve their chances of getting hired by taking responsibility for their actions. Hiring managers do not want to hear excuses or justifications for crimes. Instead, they want to know job applicants understand they messed up and take ownership of everything that happened.

Let employers know the benefits of hiring ex-offenders

Employers may not know the federal government sponsors programs for companies that hire ex-offenders. Two program examples include the Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Federal Bonding Program. Explaining these programs and their incentives may help convince a recruiter to give an ex-offender a chance.

Candidates with criminal pasts deserve a chance to get new jobs. They should not feel like they must pay for their actions for the rest of their lives.


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