Age, alcohol and other pedestrian accident concerns

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Whether you walk to work, your child regularly walks near traffic or you enjoy getting exercise near the road, it is vital to understand risk factors associated with pedestrian accidents. Every year, these accidents claim many lives and a lot of pedestrians also sustain serious injuries as a result of negligent drivers.

By reviewing statistics on pedestrian accidents and relevant risk factors, such as age and alcohol use, you can decrease the chances of a pedestrian accident turning your life upside down.

Age and pedestrian accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one out of every five pedestrian fatalities in 2017 involved a pedestrian 65 or older. Furthermore, pedestrians under 15 made up for 20% of all traffic fatalities involving children in this age group. Whether you worry about your child or you are an older adult, it is very important to focus on pedestrian safety.

Alcohol and other pedestrian accident risk factors

The CDC reports that nearly half of all deadly pedestrian accidents in 2017 involved alcohol. Drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians should always avoid alcohol use and other intoxicants on the road. Moreover, many pedestrian accidents occur because of poor visibility, distractions and high speeds.

As a pedestrian, you can wear reflective clothing and cross the road at designated intersections or crosswalks in order to lower the chances of a driver colliding with you. Regrettably, even the most cautious pedestrians can find themselves involved in a serious accident, in which case it is essential to focus on the recovery process and look over strategies to help with recovery.


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