Recreational marijuana growing pains see calls for reform

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New Jersey residents voted to legalize marijuana on November 3rd, 2020. Since then, New Jersey policymakers have had to tackle the task of creating the new legislation around marijuana legalization. This includes the seed-to-sale oversight to adequately monitor the industry.

There have been hurdles and challenges to finding the best way to allow recreational use of cannabis. Marijuana Moment reports on the roadblocks of gifting and home growing.

Home growing and gifting woes

No New Jersey business currently has the licensing required to grow or sell cannabis products. Many businesses have taken advantage of the gifting policy to circumvent this restriction.

Gifting an ounce of cannabis is lawful between adults 21 and older. Many businesses gift marijuana alongside other overpriced purchases.

While it is lawful, this business gifting may imply that retailers have more than the allowed six ounces of possessive marijuana on-site.

As businesses do this, adults are unable to grow their own marijuana for personal use or gifting.

Current home growing laws

Medical and recreational bills to allow home growing have not advanced in the legislature, though the governor expressed an open mind about implementing an equitable form of home grow. Despite these measures, reform of the current laws is not a sure thing.

Home cultivation of up to five marijuana plants currently comes with a punishable fine of up to $25,000 and up to five years in prison.

Drug charges like these impact peoples’ lives for years — during and after any incarceration. When defending against these charges, while other marijuana cases see expungement, it is important to lean on any resources to reduce their overall impact.


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