Are these signs of a brain injury?

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Crashes of all sorts can result in damage to the head and brain. In some cases, this damage is hard to detect. In others, you will know almost immediately that something is wrong.

You should always seek medical attention after a crash. But you should understand signs of brain injuries as well. It can help you decide what type of help to get.

Traumatic brain injuries

You must keep an eye out for injury after a crash, according to Mayo Clinic. In specific, they cite the potential dangers of traumatic brain injuries. Brain injuries in any form can do damage in the short and long term. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) tend to have the most noticeable immediate impact, though.

For example, physical symptoms with TBIs tend to lean toward extremes. A victim might experience seizures, migraines, vomiting and nausea and dizziness. They may go numb in their extremities. They could start to leak clear fluid from the ears or nose. They may also have uneven, dilated pupils.

It is most likely for TBI victims to experience disorders of consciousness, too. This includes blacking out, passing out or falling into a coma. Needless to say, people often recognize these signs immediately.

Moderate and mild brain injuries

Milder or moderate brain injuries often have symptoms that people struggle to detect. It may manifest in a persistent headache, but one that is not debilitating. Victims could experience mild nausea or confusion. They may forget things. They could even have trouble sleeping or staying awake. But less intense symptoms often make people think the injury is also milder.

This is not always the case, though. Thus, no matter what signs you have, you should always seek immediate medical attention.


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