Getting a job with a DUI on your record

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Submitting job applications and preparing for interviews can already be a stressful process. Add on the fact that you have a DUI on your record in New Jersey and you may lack the confidence to try.

Fortunately, getting a job with a criminal record may not be quite as challenging when you know how to discuss your past with confidence and poise. Your DUI does not have to dictate your future and regardless of what your record says, you can still develop a successful career.

Focus on your character

It may seem easy to feel unqualified for a job when you know you have a DUI on your record. However, you still have a host of valuable characteristics that can overshadow any prior mistakes in your past. According to Chron, focus your energy on highlighting your strengths and the positive aspects of your character. For example, you can share your experiences with volunteering in your community and educating others on the dangers of DUI. You can also share your career aspirations.

You can give examples of how your skills and your character can provide support to the company. Understanding how to highlight positive characteristics may play an instrumental role in helping you build a good reputation from the start.

Focus on your growth

Chances are your experience helped you to grow in some way. Capitalize on this and share the valuable lessons you have learned throughout your experience. When asked questions about your past, answer honestly but do so with poise and professionalism. You can discuss how your experiences will aid you in relating well with others including coworkers and customers. Your ability to remain confident under pressure will say volumes about who you really are.


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