What do you know about making a third-party auto accident claim?

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While not being the at-fault party for a car accident is great, what is not so great is going through the responsible driver’s insurance provider for compensation. Do you know how to file a third-party claim?

You must know how to file a third party auto insurance claim to receive proper coverage for your car damages and medical bills. A misstep could cost you in more ways than one.

Working with a claims adjuster

Let the at-fault motorist’s representative or adjuster examine your vehicle for damages, and share the police report you received. While the other person’s insurance provider estimates how much repairs to your vehicle cost, take your car to a trusted auto body repair shop for your own estimate. You can choose who repairs your vehicle; you do not have to stick to the other insurance company’s repair network.

Remaining within coverage limits

With third-party car coverage claims, you must operate within the other driver’s coverage limits. Any repair costs that fall outside that limit become your personal responsibility. If you have underinsured motorist property damage coverage on your own plan, you can tap into it to cover excess costs. A second option is to file a collision coverage claim with your insurance provider. With both options, you must pay your deductible before your coverage kicks in.

If you endure medical costs because of the accident, you must tap into the other driver’s auto bodily injury liability coverage. Like auto repairs, you must stick to the other person’s coverage limits. With excess medical costs, look into using your policy’s medical payments coverage, or your underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage.

Take your time while filing a third-party claim. A single misstep or speaking to an adjuster without legal representation could jeopardize your claim.


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