Using New Jersey’s LAD to defend against discrimination

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LAD stands for Law Against Discrimination and it is New Jersey’s comprehensive statute regarding discrimination from many angles in a variety of spheres. 

While the statute allows people to express themselves by preventing certain businesses and employment from discrimination, it does not actively protect them from it. Combining the law with dedicated attention and reporting can mean the difference between an unfair firing and an illegal firing. 

The statute

As detailed on New Jersey’s Division on Civil Rights page, the LAD prohibits any discrimination from a number of different angles including race, color, nationality or ancestry. It protects expression such as sexual orientation and gender identity. LAD can also protect from harassment regarding temporary states such as military service or even pregnancy and breastfeeding. The LAD protects all of these and more in regards to four categories: employment, housing, public accommodation and credit or business contracts. 

The solution

Implementing these civil rights protections, especially in the workplace or when dealing with authority figures like the police, revolves around keeping an active defense against said discrimination. Whether it comes from a boss or a police stop, no one should need to weather unjust discrimination. 

According to Forbes, 40% of employees who have experienced harassment quit their jobs over it to seek alternative employment. Prejudice comes in many forms, but saying nothing risks perpetuating it. 

Speaking out may be a scary thing when it concerns figures of authority, but there are resources and laws put into place that assist everyone in fighting against this prejudice. The law can get complicated but reporting, without fear of reprisal and with the right resources on hand, may help stop discrimination in its tracks and help keep civil rights secure. 


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