Is a DUI conviction dangerous for college students?

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New Jersey college students like you use this time to test your boundaries. You get out and do new things. You meet new people. You take some risks. But there are some risks that you should never take, no matter what.

Driving drunk is one of these risks. If you get a DUI conviction on record, it has the potential to harm you in big ways.

Impact on your college career

The College Investor discusses how a DUI conviction in college can ruin your college career. First, it can derail you from your career path. There are some career options that do not allow people with DUI convictions. For example, any job having to do with commercial operated vehicles is out of your grasp. You cannot become a taxi driver or take on a side job with ride-share apps. You cannot get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This means you cannot join the trucking or delivery industries, either.

Many options for childcare or education are also out of your reach. This includes teaching or becoming a nanny. Because these jobs require you to care for children, the background checks are strict. Anyone with a DUI conviction will likely end up booted out of the applicant pool.

Financial repercussions

You may not even get the chance to finish attending college. It is rare for colleges to expel a student for a DUI, but it is not impossible. What is more likely is that the college will revoke any financial aid you have. They may also refuse to allow you to stay on campus. This means you must pay out of pocket for off-campus housing. The combined costs can end up prohibitively expensive. This effectively bars you from attendance.


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