Out-of-state truckers face drug charges in New Jersey

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Authorities in New Jersey have been investigating an alleged drug trafficking organization, believed to ship substances in trucks from coast to coast, for at least several months. The investigation appears to have resulted in the arrests of two out-of-state truckers on possession charges. 

The most recent of these arrests took place in December 2019. A 25-year-old California driver, currently out on bond, faces charges of having cocaine in his tractor-trailer in the amount of 250 pounds. Authorities made the arrest near Clinton on Route 78. It is not clear when he is to appear in court. 

Another driver, a 53-year-old man from El Paso, Texas, went to court Tuesday where he pled guilty to charges of drug possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute, which resulted from his September 2019 arrest. Drug Enforcement Administration officials reportedly found eight pounds of cocaine and 38 pounds of fentanyl, which is an extremely potent narcotic, in his tractor-trailer. At the time, he had parked his vehicle at a truck stop at another point along Route 78, this time near Bloomsbury. 

The driver from El Paso reportedly informed authorities at the time of his arrest that he knew he was transporting drugs. Each of the two charges he faces carries a 10-year mandatory minimum prison term. His court date for sentencing is May 26th. 

Consequences of a conviction on drug charges can have long-term effects that are permanently life-altering. Individuals charged with drug crimes may wish to consider hiring an attorney with experience in criminal law to provide legal counsel and defense when appearing before the court. 


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