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Forming a defense after a theft accusation in New Jersey

Being accused of theft can occur in a wide range of scenarios. Theft can occur in a corporate setting, and in this case, it may be classed as a white-collar crime. People can also be accused of theft in a retail environment, or in a situation where it is believed that a person unlawfully entered a private property and took items.

A tool law enforcement is using to detect deception

New Jersey residents may be interested in learning about a tool out of the public eye that law enforcement agents use when determining if a suspect is guilty. The tool is called SCAN, or Scientific Content Analysis. More than 400 agencies across the United States, from small-town police departments to military agencies, have paid to be trained using this tool. However, there's no reliable science behind it.

New Jersey drug investigation leads to seizures and arrests

Prosecutors in New Jersey say that an investigation of heroin distribution in Middlesex and Somerset Counties that involved multiple agencies has led to more than two dozen suspects being arrested. Representatives of the Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office and the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office made the announcement on Nov. 15. The 53-year-old North Brunswick resident whom police believe was the leader of a large drug trafficking operation has been charged with promoting organized crime, possession of drugs with the intent to distribute, operating an illegal drug manufacturing facility and conspiracy to distribute drugs.

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