The many potential causes of car accidents

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Car accidents can happen on busy highways as well as rural roads in New Jersey. These collisions may involve many factors and causes, ranging from road conditions to human error. Determining the cause of a crash is important for the police and insurance companies.

Human error can mean making bad decisions, like driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol or texting while driving. Distracted driving, another common form of negligence, has been on the rise across the country since cell phones and built-in entertainment systems have given drivers more temptations to take their eyes off the road.

Sometimes, drivers are unfamiliar with local roads or laws when they drive away from home. Failure to properly maintain a vehicle is another mistake that can lead to accidents.

Some accidents are not the fault of a driver. Well-maintained vehicles can still break down or cause accidents due to mechanical failures. Sometimes, the weather can make driving hazardous. From an insurance standpoint, however, drivers are responsible for taking extra precautions when driving in rain, snow or fog.

Collisions with animals can cause serious damage to a car and possible injury to the drivers and passengers. Deer accidents are one of the most common types of animal accidents.

In many cases, a motor vehicle accident will have more than a single cause. If there is evidence that someone was injured by the negligence of another driver, but the injured person was also partly responsible for the accident, the amount of compensation awarded could be reduced. Legal counsel could help an injured victim obtain a maximum settlement.


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